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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Legal Advocacy

important Notice:

1. According to relevant laws and regulations, WAT (hereinafter referred to as "this website") only provides product information, and does not provide online offer or sales services, nor can it accept orders on the website. If you want to purchase the related products displayed on this website or sold by our company, you can go to each store or call or make inquiries by fax or e-mail; after receiving your message, our company will have a special person to contact you and provide services .

2. According to the laws and regulations, the company's alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed to be sold to teenagers under the age of 18.

Personal data, privacy policy and legal notice

Due to European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this website and WAT-related services cannot be provided to citizens or residents of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom. If you are a user from the above regions, please Leaving this page, sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to use the related services of this website. According to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, in order to ensure the protection of your personal data, privacy and related legal rights and interests, when you have read and agreed to the "WAT Personal Data Protection Law Notification Content", it means that you are willing Exercising the right of consent conferred by the law in the form of electronic documents has the effect of written consent. If you do not agree, please leave this page. If you need service, please contact customer service personnel, or call the WAT service hotline: 02-27205161


The following are the various statements that this website must inform you in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Law". Please read it carefully.

1.   Purpose of personal data collection:

(1)   as your use of this website, WAT service, contact and WAT optimization to serve you or others;

(2)   to confirm your identity and whether you are over eighteen years old;

(3)   to provide you with this website, WAT product or service information;

(4)   to manage, save, general business or optimize services, and this website, WAT or WAT affiliates process your membership, account number or inquiries, etc.;

(5)   are directly or indirectly engaged in the promotion, wholesale, retail, brokerage, agency of goods and the accompanying processing (such as packaging, cleaning, grading, installation, repair), etc. belong to this website The purpose of personal information collection;

(6)   who need to disclose to comply with any law, agency or court order; and

(7)   The above-mentioned related businesses or other work scopes that meet the definition of this website or WAT business items.


2. Personal information collection category: identification category

(For example: Chinese and English names, national identity card unified number, identification code, student or employee ID number, contact phone number, address, gender, place of birth, electronic postal address, account number and name, other identification numbers or electronic Identification marks), characteristics (such as: date of birth, nationality, personal photos, handwriting and paper documents), social conditions (such as: occupation, school experience), financial details (such as: bank account number, account name or financial information related to the purpose of this collection), etc. 3. Period, region, object and method of personal data utilization: Region: Your personal data will be used in the region where this website provides services. Method: electronic files, paper, or using automated machines or other non-automated methods. 4. According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Law, you may exercise the following rights regarding the retention of your personal data on this website:


3. Period, region, object and method of personal data utilization:

Period: The period of use is the duration of the specific purpose of personal data collection, the storage period stipulated in relevant laws or contracts, or the storage period necessary for this website or WAT business.

Region: Your personal data will be used for this website, WAT, WAT affiliated companies or the region where services are provided.

Objects: Necessary personnel of this website, WAT or WAT affiliated companies, joint marketing of this website or WAT, companies that use customer information interactively, cooperative promotion units, business contacts, and those who need to be disclosed according to any laws, courts, agencies, or others.

We may transfer and store your personal data, and transmit it internationally to recipients of personal data outside of Taiwan who are not restricted by competent authorities. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is kept secure and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Collection Statement and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Method: electronic files, paper, or using automated machines or other non-automated methods.


4. You may exercise the following rights regarding this website and WAT keeping your personal information:

(1) Request for inquiry, reading or providing a copy, but this website may charge necessary costs;

(2) Request for supplementation or correction, but this website may ask you to provide necessary explanations;

(3) The right to request to stop collecting, stop processing, stop using or delete, etc., if it will affect the business execution or other rights and obligations of this website, you will be unable to use this website and related services of WAT.


5. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your personal data. In order to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure, we have implemented necessary technical and internal security measures to protect your personal data and ensure that personal data is used in accordance with the personal data collection statement and applicable laws. However, the storage, use or transmission of personal data on the Internet is not completely safe. We will take all reasonable measures to protect you, but we do not have any control and cannot guarantee you transparency. Security of personal data transmitted over the Internet. Accordingly, any such storage, use or transmission is at your own risk.


6. The website of this website may, from time to time, be linked to a third-party website. If you link to a third-party website, please be aware that these websites may have their own privacy policies, for which we do not assume any responsibility or guarantee. Please review the privacy policies of these third-party websites before submitting any personal information to them.


7. This website reserves the right to update privacy and other policies at any time in accordance with relevant laws or business needs without further notice. Please read the privacy policy of this website carefully before using this website or WAT-related services. You are free to choose whether to provide your personal information at any time. If you are unable to provide all or part of the information, it will affect your inability to use this website and WAT-related services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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